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  • Matrix MP-200 Direct to Metal Primer

    MP-200 is a premium direct to metal(DTM) primer surface. This product is high build, fast drying, and easy to sand. MP-200 was formulated to provide excellent adhesion and corrosion resistance and can be used directly on almost any substrate.

  • Matrix MP3-HS Ultra High Build 2K Primer

    MP3-HS is a 2 component high build primer surface. MP3-HS is easy to use, with good sanding properties, and will provide the desired film build in fewer coats to improve productivity and cost savings.

  • Refinish Solutions RSP-160 Fast Build Urethane Primer

    RSP-160 Fast Build Urethane two part primer surface sprays and sands easily, builds quickly and dries fast to a high quality durable finish that minimizes scratch swelling.

  • Northstar EP-210 Epoxy Primer

    high build epoxy primer formulated for excellent adhesion and corrosion resistance when used on various types of substrates, including properly prepared steel and aluminum. Mix 1:1 with EX355 catalyst

  • Matrix MP-550 Self Etching Primer

    MP-550 Self Etching Primer is a premium quality to part self etching primer designed to inhibit corrosion and increase adhesion to bare metal substrates. MP-550 is good for use on sand through areas or small, quick repairs where bare metal is present.

  • Matrix MP-550 Self Etching Primer2