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Color match is everything...


We pride ourselves on a perfect color match this is why we use the Matrix Accushade Intermix System which offers versatility that no other paint in the world can rival.


“Put it to the Test!”



                                                  CAN YOU AFFORD NOT TO SAVE 20-70%?


Body shops using every premium paint line in the world are using Matrix System Automotive Finishes products, specifically designed and tested to be used with most major paint systems


“Put it to the Test” today–use Matrix Products with your current paint system to experience excellent color match, quality and cost savings.


Unbelievable Color Match. Unbelievable Price.




History of Matrix System Automotive Finishes

 Founded in 1983, Matrix manufactured quality high performance clearcoats, primers, and hardeners. In 1994 Matrix began developing the Intermix Paint System; re-engineering the PPG Deltron Intermix system. After 5 years, over $1.5 million investments, and 1,000 pigments analyzed Matrix completed the complete Accushade Intermix System. The Accushade system is fully capable of replacing PPG’s DBU and DBC system, while providing major cost savings.

The AccuShade Intermix System offers you:

* Color match comparable to world-class paint manufacturers


* MPB, MSB, RSB, RPB, FX Series Custom Colors, Single Stage(MCU, MAU), and Interior colors(MIP, MIS) can all be mixed from one system


* Matrix MPB-LV, MSP-LV, RPB-LV, RSB-LV, MIP-LV, and MIS-LV are superior LOW V.O.C. solvent paint alternatives to costly and unreliable waterborne systems, allowing body shops to not have to make costly modifications to their shop and still comply with new environmental regulation in  every state.


* 120 high performance toners and pearls manufactured to exacting quality control standards to deliver excellent color match


* Does not require reactive reducers; saves paint for future use


* Guaranteed product performance


* 20% – 70% cost savings


* Lifetime  warranty


* You can have absolute confidence in the performance of Matrix System toners. Hundreds of thousands of basecoat and single-stage colors have been mixed and tested in the Matrix lab and in body shops. These tests confirm the excellent performance, quality, color accuracy and consistency of each Matrix System toner.



* Toners are identical to PPG and are 20-70% cheaper


* PPG formulas can be mixed with Matrix toners (subtract 105 from a PPG formula and that is a Matrix MPB formula


*All lower line formulas (Nason), (omni) can be mixed from a standard Matrix bank (MSB, RPB, RSB)


* A basecoat formula can be turned into a single stage by changing the binder (MXB)

All House of Kolor formulas are available with Matrix system (UK, KBC)


*Matrix versions of House of Kolor 1:1 instead of 2:1 House of Kolor minimum is 1 Quart Matrix is 1 Ounce


* Matrix Primers are high build and as much as 120% cheaper than PPG


* Matrix Clears are far superior to PPG and much Cheaper; Matrix clears are controlled by hardener not reducer


*Matrix has less redundancy than other brands and requires less materials to do a larger variety of work

Benifits of Matrix